Infographics is an independent creative firm in the heart of midtown Manhattan. We make innovative presentations that move minds and drive decisions.

We built our firm helping trial lawyers make case-critical arguments in court and we apply those skills to today's most challenging litigations, corporate and select not-for-profit presentations, and government regulatory responses.

As a family-owned business for more than 65 years (read about our history), we take every project personally. We're passionate about our work. We're hired when the stakes are high – not because of our size but because of our thinking, our dedication to every project, and the value of the work that combination produces.

We know that smart graphics and strongly crafted presentations make a real difference in the outcome of your litigation, your business proposal, or your appeal for support. Even though we're creative, we're also practical. We know that every project needs to stay on time and on budget – whether it's a simple timeline for an insurance claim or a multi-district mass tort litigation for the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. We know that value comes from balancing rates, efficiency, quality, and service. To help, we embrace the latest digital tools to both do our work and manage our workflow and billing.

When you hire Infographics, we do all we can to earn your next project. We don't have salespeople – we stay in business through recommendations and return business...and we've been in business since 1947.

Jeff Isler


Jeff Isler has been helping attorneys tell their stories for more than 40 years. After beginning as a patent draftsman in the late 1970's, he was instrumental in moving the business from pen & ink patent drawings to computerized litigation support. Today, he is the Principal Owner and Senior Consultant at Infographics. His knowledge of complex matters, his love of technology and passion for storytelling is the perfect combination to create visual stories that are easy to understand and persuasive. Having worked on hundreds of litigations with attorneys from top U.S. Law firms and corporations, he is an industry expert and brings a unique perspective to any project.

Jeff's worked with a wide range of subject matter, helping to make persuasive presentations in almost every practice area of litigation, most areas of technology, and for a long list of clients throughout the country.

Edward Isler

Senior Vice President

Edward Isler is Senior Vice President and Owner of InfoGraphics. Ed is the head of the Patent Prosecution Division as well as responsible for the oversight and management of all business functions for the company. With over 25 years of expertise in patent drafting, Ed designs, creates and reviews patents/inventions & translation them into understandable illustrative figures to be filed with the U.S. Patent Office.

Prior to working at Infographics, Ed was an accomplished architect. He worked at several commercial architecture firms and was awarded a Team Award for the 1982 design of LaGuardia Airport's Delta Terminal. He later was a principal in his own architectural firm, Isler/Mumma Architects. Ed has a Bachelor of Architecture and Licenses to practice in New York, New Jersey and Georgia and is a member of Accredited National Architectural Review Board.

He is a Member of Demonstrative Evidence Specialists Association (DESA), Member of the North Salem Architectural Review Board (NSARB), Member of the North Salem Community Preservation Fund Advisory Board.