At InfoGraphics, we do more than execute your instructions, we know what you need to communicate and create images that help you be understood and remembered.

Whether it’s teaching advanced technology for a patent litigation, clarifying the events in a breach of contract suit, or simplifying complex finances for a securities matter, Infographics has the experience and expertise to create the visuals that make your message clear and your argument powerful.

Our creative team knows how to get your point across using illustrations, infographics, animations, or interactives – and to deliver that work in the form best suited to your needs.

Live Presentations

When presenting at trial, hearing, or mediation, it's important for you to have easy control over your visuals. That way, you're free to tailor your presentation to audience response and handle changes in a live situation. Almost anything we create can be inserted into a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation – including video, interactive navigation, and even 3D animations.

Independent Viewing

For situations where your presentations need to be viewable on their own, we can provide graphics, video, 3D animation, and interactives in a file, a web page, or an iPad app. We'll design the graphics, build the interface, and program the whole thing to run smoothly and reliably.

Print Presentations

Regardless of how you plan to deliver your presentation, there's almost always good reason to also make a printed version. That takes planning to be sure your message works in print. Litigation graphics can be delivered to you on paper, as a PDF, as images on MS Word pages for inclusion in a larger document, or just about any other way that suits your particular needs.