Infographics began making patent drawings back in 1947 using pen and ink on Bristol board. That's a lot of history and a lot of learning.

Infographics was founded in 1947 as a patent drawing firm using traditional techniques, later transitioning to computer driven illustration. That continuity makes for a superior pairing with your specification for the Patent Office. Using patent specifications, engineering drawings, and/or inventors' sketches, we create effective drawings from just about any source. Not just illustrators, we also have backgrounds in industrial design and architecture. That means better understanding and clearer images of the invention.

You can also take advantage of sophisticated tools that might otherwise be unavailable to solve unique patent drawing problems, thanks to our extensive Litigation Graphics division. We often tap our advanced 3D modeling and digital photo studio to produce effective yet affordable patent drawings.

Add to that our long experience litigating patents (the longest experience in the industry) and it becomes clear why we're so good at protecting inventions. No one has more experience making patent drawings than Infographics.


  • Design, Utility, Trademark, Trade-Dress Drawings
  • All work complies with evolving filing regulations such as Grayscale, Digital Submissions, and Madrid Protocol. USPTO, PCT, WIPO, and Gulf Conference
  • Worldwide, Country-Specific International Filings


  • High-End tools like 3D modeling, animation, image manipulation, digital photography, optical character recognition available
  • Digital drawing review & markup for fast turn-around


  • Client review via email
  • Quick turnaround
  • Digital archive for easy modifications, easy retrieval and easy re-use of drawings for related matters