Not every legal battle is in the courtroom. The stakes can be equally high when government agencies threaten to take action -- whether it's the FTC, the FDA, the EPA, the SEC, or any of the other long list of federal and state regulators.

Infographics' presentations do more than make your data clear. We shape the information into a presentation that's designed to influence how regulators see the facts. We put data in context and deliver it in a form that makes it easy to consider, in order to amplify your argument's persuasive impact.

Critical and complex information can be presented to regulatory agencies live or as an interactive that they can review independently: on the web, on an iPad, or as a file on their computers. Regardless of how the graphics are delivered, our presentations consistently garner the appreciation of regulators for making the arguments clear and the review easy.

  • We've helped a major steel manufacturer persuade the EPA not to bring charges for air pollution
  • We've helped a major automaker defend against action by NHTSA
  • We've helped one of the top accounting firms defend themselves and their employees from action by PCAOB
  • We've helped one of the world's largest cosmetics companies show the FTC the legitimate basis for claims made in their advertising
  • We've helped numerous companies stave off charges from the SEC