Deliver your presentation to your audience in any situation. We don’t just support trials, we’re there for the long haul, helping you present your story at every step, in real time in the real world.

When it comes to onsite support, our experience means we know how to anticipate your needs and the challenges to come in order to make your onsite experience worry-free from beginning to end. Of course, experience is not enough without committed service. Our onsite presenters know how to do the hard work needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the courtroom – whether that means staying up all night to check deposition clips or crawling around on the floor to check the wiring in the courtroom.

By analyzing the details of your litigation, we’ll organize your data for optimal efficiency, choose the most appropriate equipment for accessing it, and design the most effective workflow. Our technology group will digitize your documents and video and manage your data so that you always know where you stand.

Infographics will make whatever arrangements are needed to make your team ready for trial:

  • War Room Staffing
  • Courtroom Presentation
  • War Room Systems and Equipment
  • Courtroom Floor Plans
  • Audio-Visual Systems for the Court
  • High-Speed Internet Connectivity